Tired of testing? Yeti can help.

Now with code coverage support.

Made for Developers

Yeti automates tests written with QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha with Expect.js assertions, Dojo Objective Harness, or YUI Test.

Built at Yahoo by @reid and enhanced by the contributions of the YUI community, Yeti leverages Node.js and YUI to make testing easier than ever before.

Adding the latest new device to your testing setup is as easy as visiting a web page.

Ready for CI

Yeti can launch browsers with Selenium and provide JUnit XML results for easy integration with CI systems like Jenkins and Sauce Labs.

Yeti is used at Yahoo to run hundreds of thousands of tests in CI every day.

Yeti was made to test the YUI project on its wide collection of target browsers. Yeti works with IE 6+, Android 4+, iOS 4+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Yeti 0.2.29 Documentation

Easy to Use

One command gives you automated testing.
Selenium not required.

$ npm i -g yeti
$ yeti test/*.html
Connected to http://localhost:9000
  Agent connected: Chrome (34.0.1820.2) / Mac OS
  Agent connected: Safari (7.0.1) / Mac OS
✔ Testing started on Chrome (34.0.1820.2) / Mac OS, Safari (7.0.1) / Mac OS
✔ Agent completed: Chrome (34.0.1820.2) / Mac OS
✔ Agent completed: Safari (7.0.1) / Mac OS
504 tests passed! (11.5 seconds)

Yeti is made by YUI at Yahoo • SecurityLicense